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What are the benefits of e-filing your tax return?
  • Free -- FreeTaxUSA offers free e-filing for your federal return. If you want to do a state return, it is only $12.95.

  • Faster Refunds -- Get your tax refund in as little as 8 days by e-filing your tax return. If you mail in a paper return, the average wait for a refund is 6 weeks, but the average refund time for e-filing if you use direct deposit is only 7 - 14 days.

  • Paperless Filing -- Electronic Signatures allows you to create your own personal identification number (PIN) and file a completely paperless return. There is usually nothing to mail if you do an electronic signature.

  • Greater Accuracy -- Online returns are more accurate than filing a paper return (less than a 1% error rate). Your chance of getting an error notice from the IRS is significantly reduced when you e-file.

  • Proof of Acceptance -- You receive an electronic acknowledgment within 48 hours that the IRS has accepted your return for processing.

  • Get Started Now! -- Visit to begin your tax return.

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