Free Tax Tips

We have hundreds of tips and strategies to help you reduce your tax burden. You may also view our Tax Deduction Dictionary, which is an A-Z list of the majority of deductions available on your Form 1040.
  • Top 10 Tax Tips
    Take advantage of the top ten tips for maximizing your deductions.

  • 8 Common Mistakes
    Avoid making the 8 most common tax errors! We'll show you how to maximize your tax return, and take the headache out of filing taxes.

  • Tax Deduction Dictionary
    An A-Z list of the majority of deductions available on your Form 1040.

  • Audit Prevention
    The IRS uses patterns and statistics in deciding which taxpayers to audit. By decreasing the "red flags" on your tax return, your chances of being audited are significantly reduced. Here are some of the red flags that you can avoid.

  • Audit Tips
    We'll show you how to keep your cool during an audit.

  • Charitable Contributions
    Tax advice for making charity donations.

  • Children
    Tax tips for parents.

  • College Planning
    Tax advice for college financing.

  • Divorce
    Divorce tax advice.

  • Your Home
    Buying your own home is one of the best tax-free investments available.

  • Investing
    Tips for investment planning.

  • Your Job
    Tax advice for your job.

  • Your Business
    Tax advice for your business.

  • Marriage
    Time your marriage to take advantage of the "marriage bonus" or to avoid the "marriage penalty".

  • Non-Taxable Income
    Don't overpay the IRS by including non-taxable income on your tax return.

  • Your Parents
    You may be able to claim your parents as dependents.

  • Rental Real Estate
    Tips for rental property taxes.

  • Retirement Planning
    Tax information for retirement planning.

  • Your Tax Return
    Tax tips for filing your tax return.

  • Miscellaneous
    Miscellaneous tax tips.

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