Form 4835


Use Form 4835 to report farm rental income based on crops or livestock produced by the tenant if you were the landowner (or sub-lessor) and did not materially participate (for self-employment tax purposes) in the operation or management of the farm. If you were a tenant, use Schedule F (Form 1040) to report farm income and expenses.

Landowners (or sub-lessors) must not use this form to report cash rent received for pasture or farmland if the amount is based on a flat charge. Report this income directly on Schedule E (Form 1040).

Use this form only if the activity is a rental activity for purposes of the passive activity loss limitations. See the instructions for Form 8582, Passive Activity Loss Limitations, for the definition of "rental activity."

In some cases, your tax may be less if you figure it using Schedule J (Form 1040).

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