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Online tax preparation, e-filing, and printing of your federal income return are FREE for all customers ... NO RESTRICTIONS! FreeTaxUSA.com is safe and secure. The accuracy of your tax return is 100% guaranteed! Upgrade to the Deluxe version for only $6.99. Prepare and file your state return for an additional $12.95.
  • 1040EZ
  • For taxpayers who do not have dependents and do not own their own home.

  • 1040A
  • Allows for dependents, student loan interest, the education credits, and additional types of income to be claimed.

  • 1040
  • Itemized deductions, stock sales, early distributions from IRA or pension plans, more than $100,000 in taxable income, & moving expenses.
    Our Tax Deduction Dictionary is an A-Z list of the majority of deductions available on your Form 1040.

    Avoid making the 8 most common tax errors! We'll show you how to maximize your tax return, and take the headache out of filing taxes.

    Take advantage of the top ten tips for maximizing your deductions.
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